Secondary products

Slag brick

The slag brick is used in accordance with the applicable building standards and regulations in the construction of walls and other buildings and structures for various purposes.

Granulated slag

Granulated blast furnace slag is obtained while smelting iron and is turned into fine-grained state by rapid cooling on pelletizer. Granulated slag is used as a component of the charge in the manufacture of cement, slag brick stones.

Blast-furnace slag

Blast-furnace slag is formed in the process of blast furnace production. It is used in metallurgy and road construction for making embankments and underlying road layers.

Crushed slag

Crushed slag is widely used in the construction of highways (for covers, bases, additional layers of foundations and other pavement layers), in the preparation of concrete, cinder mixes, and can also be used in the construction of residential and industrial buildings and structures (for filling the bases, etc.)