Decorative elements of cast iron have long been used in construction and architecture. Since the 18th century both European and Russian architects constantly used iron castings for decoration of interiors and external appearance of buildings.

This is not surprising since pig iron is strong and durable material with certain plasticity, thanks to which skillful workmen are able to produce decorative objects of any complexity and create unique architectural details.

With the course of time cast iron has not lost its popularity despite the abundance of cheaper welded steel constructions. Presence in the interior of decorative elements made of cast iron is still considered to bear the stamp of respectability and prestige.

Foundry of JSC “KGIW” produces the following decorative elements:

For fencing:

  • peaks and tops
  • attachable gate decors

For buildings and constructions:

  • attachable wall decors
  • decorative ventilating grills
  • balcony railings

and also:

  • gate poles, parking poles, light poles
  • rail posts and railings
  • grates, oven doors, brackets

We can produce any decorative elements on the sketches, drawings and models of the customer.

Casting material — grey cast iron15, State Standard 1412-85.

On demand it is possible to insert steel rods into the castings to simplify the assembly (welding).