Pig iron

— foundry pig iron (State Standard 4832-95)
— basic pig iron (State Standard 805-95)
— nodular pig iron (Technical Specification 14-128-D-15-07)
— semi-nodular pig iron (Technical Specification 14-128-D-8-07)
— basic/foundry grade nodular pig iron (Technical Specification 14-128-D-16-07)

JSC KGIW produces pig iron of all brands under existing international and Russian standards, including nodular, which is used in the smelting of critical parts in the automotive and other high-tech industries.

Pig iron of Kosaya Gora is notable for minimal amount of harmful impurities (sulfur, phosphorus, titanium, vanadium, etc.), for convenient size and shape of pigs.

JSC KGIW delivers pig iron to the domestic market, to CIS countries, and abroad. Convenient location close to the central thoroughfares allows our Company to ship the products by rail and motor transport.

Foundry pig iron is characterized by high quality, small content of impurities and stable chemical composition.

Basic pig iron is intended for further making of steel or cast products.

Weight of ingots — 12±2 kg. Size of ingots—228х191х76 mm.