Art casting

The foundry of JSC KGIW possesses great experience and preserves traditions of artistic and decorative molding. High ductility of cast iron gives our skillful workmen great opportunity for creativity.

Works of our artists decorate memorials, parks and embankments of Moscow, St. Petersburg and southern resorts. Masters of art casting of Kosaya Gora Iron Works traditionally participate in the reconstruction projects in Moscow.

We have participated in the following projects:

1997 — JSC KGIW cast a fence for embankment of the Bitza river (Moscow, Northern Butovo district), its length was about 2 km.
1998 — on the order from a prime contractor JSC KGIW produced lamps, benches, litter bins, fences for the residential complex situated on the Mozhaysk highway, Moscow.
2001 — the fencing for the Borodinsky bridge (Moscow) was cast out of pig iron.
2002 — the fencing (length - 1 km. 200 m) for the Park dedicated to Artem Borovik, a well-known Russian journalist and writer, was cast on the order from Moscow’s engineering authorities within time period of one month.
2003 — our specialists developed the design and then produced the railings for Astakhovsky bridge (the Yauza river, Moscow).
Also our specialists in foundry produced figure-molding for restoration of Ustyinsky, Severyaninsky, Bolshoy Krasnokholmsky, Novoarbatsky bridges of Moscow.

Among the projects carried out by JSC "KGIW", the following monuments and statues:

1995 — the Works cast a monument in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Victory in Great Patriotic War (Tula).
1996 — our specialists cast the statue to Nikita Demidov, who built the first iron foundry in Tula in 1696. It was made to the 750th anniversary of Tula.

Also, the foundry of JSC KGIW was involved in the restoration of the historical Memorial to Dmitry Donskoy on the Kulikovo field. All decorative elements were made according to existing models.

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