Slag bick
М-50 КСР-ПР-39-50-F15-2000
(State Standard 6133-9)

The slag brick is used in accordance with the applicable building standards and regulations in the construction of walls and other buildings and structures for various purposes.

The slag brick is available in two forms:

  • standard, with dimensions 200х200х400 mm
  • for internal partitions, dimensions 100х200х400 mm

Slag bricks are manufactured in the form of full rectangular parallelepipeds by pressing. Due to its content, which includes granulated slag, bricks produced by JSC KGIW are notable for their durability, resistance to moisture and frost, excellent insulation properties.

Environmental cleanliness of the products is confirmed by hygienic certificates.

Consumers of these products are individual developers as well as large construction firms.

The slag brick is shipped in packages of 60 pieces., 1 m3 — 62,5 pc. Loading and unloading by hand (throwing or dropping) is not allowed. Delivery is made by road and rail.

The bricks should be stored in piles no higher than 2,0 m at the site with a gradient of 1-2%.